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Manufacturing and production are handled by independent associated companies, with modern and sophisticated facilities and highly skilled personnel to produce Mundipharma's range of pharmaceutical products. Most approved and marketed products, including clinical samples, are manufactured. All systems operate following national and international standards of clinical Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This ensures that Mundipharma's various products in their different formulations are always safe and of high quality for the patients. In addition, manufacturing and production is done in healthy working environments.

The independent associated companies' facilities for manufacturing, packaging and logistics are found in the locations below and service worldwide markets.

Canada (Purdue Frederick, Inc)
Cyprus (Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited)
Germany (Mundipharma GmbH)
India (Modi Mundipharma Private Limited)
Israel (Rafa Laboratories Limited)
China (Mundipharma (China) Pharmaceutical Company Ltd)
UK (Bard Pharmaceuticals Limited)
USA (Purdue Pharmaceuticals LP and The PF Laboratories Inc)




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